Bookshelf: Bland to Beautiful!

As we began to decorate our apartment I realized that everything in our bedroom was white. All white. Plain white furniture, and lots of it. I had to come up with a way to add some color and life to this bland space. After playing with many ideas, I decided the bookshelf was the place to start. I found some fun turquoise fabric at my favorite craft store (Hobby Lobby…and yes I am a loyal customer. Those that know me well can tell you I have been known to shop there multiple times a week!) The bookshelf pictured below is the kind that has the cardboard backing which made this project so easy! I simply removed the cardboard backing, laid it out on the living room floor on top of the fabric face down. Then I used Mod Podge to wrap the fabric around the backing and adhere it in place. Once the Mod Podge had dried, I nailed the backing back on the bookshelf and…Voila! A brand new bookshelf! 




I couldn’t believe how simple this project was. This is a great way to update an existing piece of furniture without the mess of refinishing or painting. The best part is that when I get sick of this design, I can simply remove the fabric and replace it! 


String Art

Some of my favorite projects are the ones Justin (my loving husband) and I get to work on together.  This project was a great way to spend a weekend! We made this project into a wall hanging that finds its home above our bed, and we were shocked at how simple this all ended up being.



Cork Board Tiles (We found these at Hobby Lobby)

Pins or nails

String (We decided to use crochet thread)


1) Create outline of desired shape using pins on each cork tile. We decided to spell the word “love” with a heart as the “o” but feel free to use any design you desire. You may find it helpful to print the letters out on paper to use as an outline. Place the pins about 1/2-1 inch apart depending on complexity of the shape. Repeat for each shape on each tile.

2) Using string, tie a knot around one of the pins and begin creating your design. You will want to run the thread back and forth across the shape using different angles to get good coverage. All you need to do is run the thread back and forth around the pins. You do not need to follow a set pattern, just run the thread where you think it feels most natural. If you feel the need, you may want to wrap the string around the nail or pins every once in a while to maintain tension.

3) Once you have the coverage you desire for the design to stand out you can tie off the string with another knot. Cut the loose threads to leave a clean look and repeat for each tile.

4) Hang the tiles on your wall in the arrangement you desire. We found that we needed longer than normal nails in order to reach through the cork board and still feel secure in the wall.

5) Enjoy!